Monashee Outdoors carries a variety of quality outdoor related products that suit recreational, working and daily activities.
We carry reputable brands that you know and can trust. These include Deuter, Oboz, Smith, Leupold, Arcade, B3NTH, Hydroflask, Telic, Vasque, Sherpa, Tilley, Suncloud, Stanley, Ruike, Fenix, Pelican, Timberland, Aetrex, Columbia, Topo, Buff, AlpineAire, MSR, Thermarest and more!


We have the Okanagan’s best selection of Oboz, Vasque, Columbia, Telics, Aetrex and more! Whether you enjoy walking, hiking, fishing, or just relaxing in a hammock, we have the footwear you need!


We carry Deuter and MountainSmith backpacks to either help you on a multi-day backpacking trip or to get school or gym class. Wherever you are going, our backpacks are sure to follow!


It is the details that matter so when it comes to the details of accessories, Monashee Outdoors has you covered. We carry a large selection of maps, pack towels, drysacks, knives, belts and more to keep you doing the activities you love!


We carry everything to keep you comfortable (and stylish) from head to toe! Check out our quality brands of Sherpa, BN3TH, Buff and DarnTough with our selection including jackets, hoodies, pants, shirts, shorts, dresses, underwear, socks and more!

Hats and Sunglasses

Whether it is rain or shine, we have you protected with hats and sunglasses that everybody loves!


Hydroflasks and Stanley drinkware are synonymous with thirst satisfaction! With supreme durability and everlasting temperatures, these products can be counted on to keep you hydrated for all the miles and hours that you need.

Tents and Sleep Accessories

We quite literally have you covered with the selection of tents, sleeping bags and mats that we have. We have everything from lightweight backpacking products to car camping gear for whatever suits your needs.

Camping Food

AlpineAire has you covered for everything that you need to stay well nourished for any adventure. We carry a large selection of premium hydrated gourmet meals including vegetarian options and multi-day meal kits to suit anyone’s preferences.

Camping Stoves and Cookware

Whether you want to travel light on foot or go bigger with your cooking supplies, we carry a variety of products to suit your specialty. MSR is highly rated and an industry leader in design and performance.


Not only do we have a variety of bows and accessories to choose from, we also have a pro-shop to help you keep what only needs to be fixed.


We carry a variety of rifles, shotguns and handguns for every interest. Selection includes all the popular brands with also the option to special order. Ask about our consignment options. Ammunition and reloading components also available.


We have a great selection of scopes, binoculars, range finders, red dots and reflex sites and related optics accessories.


Whether you fish, fix things or just like to carry one for any reason, we have a great selection of knives for any purpose. Choose from Ruike, Victorinox (Swiss Army) and Buck.

Stay tuned for an update on even more products that you love!